We offer you spending an unforgettable day with friends and colleagues in the fresh air, playing a new game in the open air, using the latest technology – laser weapons, in the largest and most interesting paintball park in the Baltics “Jugland”. The best, specially constructed thematic arenas are available, for example, the Wild West style arena with two-storey buildings, Saloon, Sheriff, Bank, Prison and Post buildings; or a military base with towers, fortifications and warfare and, of course, the famous Omaha Beach – American troops desertions in the Normandy coastal imitation – genuine trenches, blinds, piles, rivets, anti-scaffolding barbed wire and anti-tank gates. And you will find this great opportunity only in 30 minutes drive from Riga Central Station!

The latest generation wireless equipment is used in the games. The main difference from other equipment manufacturers, which is also the main advantage, is the data transmission between the device (the tag) and the base (server), which operates through the radio channel online, rather than via Bluetooth technology, with a radius of up to 2 km. This not only allows you to get real-time gaming statistics or to do programming and setting at any time, not interrupting the game, but adds a range of enjoyable and useful features as well, such as audio feedback of the hit, in which you will always know that you actually hit the opponent.

All tags (laser guns) are equipped with rebound simulation blocks and LCD displays with game information (ammunition and number of “lives”). The optimal shooting distance is 130-160 meters (up to 300 meters in perfect weather conditions). All weapons have collimator sights to help hitting the target.