We offer to play airsoft in the paintball park Yugland.
Yugland is a unique game site site with a 20-year history, where on 11 hectares of territory with a very interesting  landscape is builded a large number of playgrounds and well developed gaming infrastructure.

  • This exciting team game is great for:
    – Celebrating a birthday or bachelor party;
    – Relaxing with friends;
    – team building or corporate party.

Our advantages:
1.  A complicated and interesting landscape in a private area which  is closed for outsiders, with surrounded from three sides by the river Maza Jugla, with diverse terrain – from impassable thickets of hazel in lowlands or pure pine-oak forest, till high and steep hills.  The river side is very beautiful, the bordering area and having a length of 700 meters, with a steep  bank on one side and, a small sandy beach on the other.
2. 11 game thematic platforms for various scenarios of the game and different configurations, for example, unique one, like Kansas City – city builded in the style of the Wild West.
3. Good professional infrastructure: changing rooms, showers, normal toilets, personal locker rooms, constantly working buffet offering light snacks and drinks, large parking.
4. A large recreation area where you can relax after a game or have a holiday: picnic areas by the river, equipped with sheds with tables and benches; houses for parties near to playgrounds; guest house with a fireplace, rooms and a Russian bath.
5. Excellent location – beautiful wild nature just half an hour from the center of Riga.
6. New, rental weapons and high quality equipment.
7. Professional service of experienced instructors and technicians.

Game price.

Standard price: all-inclusive gaming set – € 25 per game for 2-3 hours, depending on the number of players.
The price includes – new airsoft weapons, camouflage, tactical vest, additional magazine, protective mask, 1000 bb
’s and the services instructor-judge.

It is possible to play with your equipment. In this case, the discount on the game – 50%.
We offer interesting game scenarios, as well as airsoft  training.
Our park has a shop where you can buy extra balls and grenades.
You can book game by calling +371-27821000 or directly in our Airsoft store at: Maskavas iela 322, 3 stāvā, Gamezone, Rīgā.

Airsoft is an exciting competitive team tactical game in which participants shoot each other with plastic balls, the so-called BB (Ball Bullet), with the help of a pneumatic weak power weapons (1.5 joules max.), the so-called airsoft weapon. Which externaly are similar to real military weapons.

Whant to feel your self like real warrior? Call us!

We provide great game scenarios :

1.Team deathmach

2.Baze assault

3.Capture the flag

4.Airsoft tactical training!