DURATION (h)PRICE (for one player)
1 hour10.00 €
2 hours15.00 €
Each additional hour of the game5.00 €

2 to 40 people can take part in the event.
The minimum event price is 60.00 €

Special prices for large groups and regular customers!
Contact us to agree on the best option for you.

Additional lease of camouflage suit is 3.00 €/suit
The rent of entourage models (like assault rifle LSD G36C, LSD AKS74U Steel, short gun LSD DESERT EAGLE) +5€/h

The price of banquet hall rent is  10.00 €/h

Time prolongation of the game is only possible if there are no other reservations at that time. Preliminary reservation has a priority!


  • Instruction, management and service;
  • Each player has the wireless equipment of the latest generation and headband with sensors;
  • Use of premises and additional scenario attributes (electronic control points, flags, bombs, artefacts, etc.).