We use the wireless equipment of the latest generation!

All taggers are equipped with:

  • The units of imitation of firing (vibration)
  • LCD displays with sound effects, maximum precision, reading of playing statistics in real-time mode
  • All taggers are equipped with collimating sights (red point)

Different additional playing devices: control points, bombs, medicine boxes etc., as a result of which a game is more interesting.

On-line statistics: any action of player is represented on the screen of monitor by means of radio base. All actions are recorded for every player, including the amount of empty battle reserve, destroyed targets, additional lives etc. After the game end – it is possible to print statistics of every player.


Light, voice and vibration indication of discomfiture

LSD МР-514 “EXTERMINATOR” is an interesting complete set in this series. Its identifying feature: advanced reliability, impact resistance of material – ABS plastic. It is named as army carbine, underlining its quality.

EXTERMINATOR has excellent ergonomics. It is kept in hands very well. The buttons of recharge is comfortably situated under fingers whether by way of shooting by the left-handed person or right-handed person. A weapon has futuristic external appearance that allows its use outside realistic role scenarios.

LSD RAVEN is the brutal style, highest reliability and many innovation decisions!

It is comfortable, easy with 4 modes of “clever” illumination of tagger, representing the number of “lives” of the player, with the module of imitation of recoil and LED display for tracking of health and battle reserve.

Model of German assault carbine G36C, being in service in many countries.

A triumph of the Soviet military industrial complex, characterized as a weapon with exceptional reliability and unpretentiousness.

Legendary American pistol.
Pistol with considerable power, external appearance and high reliability.

  • Emitter T4 for 350 meters.
  • Anti-vandal recharging sistem.
  • Stress-resistant body
  • Technical slots with moisture protection
  •  Adjustable sights
  • Ergonomic handle