The original interactive horror in the style of “Hide and Seek” is intended only for persons, whose age is 15+


People disappear without a trace in our city. The police work is ineffective.
You are included in the group of searchers, whose purpose is a search for missing persons. Your command was able to know about the search area. The place of search is the forsaken mines, located under the city. There is no any person to be survived. You must look for an exit strategy from situation and find out the cause of all troubles.

Get ready quickly! It will be horribly!


  • The search group – 2-10 persons
  • Maniac – One person
  • Time of the game: 1 hour



We have moved to new premises at Maskavas street 322, 3rd floor, Gamezone, Riga (Kengarags). This is opposite the shopping center Dole, a 3-minute drive from the South Bridge. It has an excellent location, free parking, modern, clean, large and bright premises with a total area of 1500 m2, 4 game arenas with a special soft safe surface, cozy banquet rooms for celebrations, a shared kitchen, all amenities. It’s always warm and cozy here! More info here: We will be glad to see you!